About us:

Solar Solutions was established in 1999 by using renuable energy solutions technology. We are harnassing, reducing, cooling and lighting residential and commercial premises.

We reduce your carboncopy by up to 100%, putting Solar Solutions on the forefront of the solar industry for the past 12 years. We guarantee Highest quality products, lowest prices with most professional service!

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Email: glensunc@mweb.co.za
Phone: 0445327583
Mobile: 0731660262
Mobile: 0822559916
Fax: 0866846043
South Africa

More Information

Solar Solutions service the Southern Cape including the Greater Karoo.

Protect Your Budget from Increasing Energy Costs

The cost of natural gas and electricity continually increase, taking an increasingly large bite out of your budget. You can protect yourself against these increases and stabilize your monthly expenditures by taking advantage of solar energy, free now and free in the future


We are agents for the following companies:


  • Franke   
  • Duratherm   
  • Kwikot    
  • Solardome      
  • Greenpower        
  • Its Solar       
  • Solar Balance
  • ERS        
  • Tasol            
  • Tony Sandall                 
  • Aquatemp            
  • Ass Solar Industries
  • Greenpower
  • Rainbow Skylights        
  • Vikon Skylighs               
  • Sundowner